Halutz: No intention to attack Syria at this time

"We have no intention of operating against Syria at this time," Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz told the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Monday. According to Halutz, "Hizbullah has been trying to pull Syria into the conflict." The chief of staff said, "It will take time to determine the effectiveness of the IDF operation in Lebanon. We do know, however, that we crippled Hizbullah's major transportation points and prevented them from transferring more weapons to their artillery units. We also know that we cleared out Hizbullah's major support networks." "We are striking at the heart of the organization; we know that [Hizbullah leader] Nasrallah has not seen the light of day since the start of the campaign," he noted. According to Halutz, "The IAF has also been destroying monuments and symbols in southern Lebanon, for example, a museum that glorified the 'expulsion of the Jews'."