Hamas gunmen killed in Jenin clash

An undercover unit of the Border Police killed a Hamas gunman Wednesday morning in a shoot-out in the West Bank city of Jenin. Ziad Musa, 23, was wanted for the killing of St.-Sgt. Yonatan Evron on November 2 during an IDF operation to arrest a Hamas fugitive involved in the Hadera suicide bombing. Evron was a member of the elite Maglan unit. The Border Police were approaching the house in which Musa was hiding when he opened fire on the force, wounding an undercover officer and killing an Oketz Unit search dog. The troops returned fire, killing Musa. Another Border Police officer was wounded in a similar incident in the village of Yamun, north of Jenin, on Tuesday. Later on Wednesday, paratroopers in Nablus briefly came under fire by unidentified gunmen and were then confronted by rioting locals. The soldiers dispersed the crowds with rubber-coated bullets; there were no reports of Israeli casualties. Similarly, there were no wounded in a shooting attack on troops at the Shomronim checkpoint on Mount Gerizim, south of Nablus. At the Hawara checkpoint, also near Nablus, soldiers arrested a 20-year-old Palestinian discovered to be carrying 20 rifle bullets; the man was handed over to the security services for interrogation. The episode was one in a series of attempted arms smuggling through the checkpoint. Elsewhere, a civilian was lightly hurt on Wednesday when Palestinians stoned his car near the Bethlehem bypass road connecting Jerusalem to Gush Etzion. The IDF Civil Administration meanwhile announced the easing of travel restrictions on visitors to Bethlehem to coincide with Christmas celebrations.