Hatzolah medic 'adopts' son of multiple sclerosis sufferer

With Dimona woman in hospital, two-year-old temporarily taken into couple's home.

A 42-year-old chronic sufferer of multiple sclerosis who called for help recently after suffering chest pains and breathing difficulties while tending her two-year-old son was not only saved by the medic, but her toddler was taken home and treated as a member of the family for days during her hospitalization. United Hatzolah received notification from Magen David Adom of the call for help from the Dimona woman. Medic Ya'acov Yifrah evaluated the situation, recognized the patient and realized that the single mother was not having an easy time of things under the best of circumstances. Through her pain and high-concentration oxygen mask, she told the team that she would bring her toddler with her to the hospital. But Yifrah would hear nothing of it and introduced himself, saying he and his family would be happy to care for the child at his home for as long as necessary. The mother agreed and was able to worry about her own health as her own immediate medical concerns as Yifrah rushed her to Soroka-University Medical Center in Beersheba. She was taken to the emergency room, and Yifrah took the child, who sobbed on his shoulders. United Hatzolah representatives contacted Dimona's Social Services Department. The Yifrah family bought the young child new shoes and clothes in time for Shavuot. The boy has even called Yifrah "Abba." In an emotional visit at the hospital, the mother said, "You have truly healed my heart."