Hazan declares he wouldn't quit the Knesset

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MK Yehiel Hazan (Likud) announced on Wednesday that he did not intend to resign his candidacy from the Knesset unless photographic evidence was revealed within 24 hours clearly showing that he illegally cast his voice twice during a budget vote in 2003. Following the incident, police launched an investigation against Hazan. While the probe was in progress, the Likud MK was caught entering the Knesset evidence room and tampering with the voting panels that could have served as evidence against him. Upon learning that he was caught in the act, Hazan denied that he stole the voting equipment. Before he convened the press conference in which the announcement was made, it was believed in the Likud that he intended to declare his resignation, Israel Radio reported. Likud chairman Binyamin Netanyahu included Hazan in a list of party members who should not be elected to the next Knesset.