HCJ: Hamas to be on e. J'lem ballots

Court doesn't explain decision; State says it didn't want to prevent PA vote.

The High Court of Justice on Monday evening rejected a petition to prevent Hamas from participating in the Palestinian Authority parliamentary elections in east Jerusalem. The petition was made by Palmah Ze'evi, the son of the slain minister Rehavam Ze'evi, the family of Ayalah Abucassis, who was killed in her home by a Kassam rocket, and MK Gilad Erdan. The panel of three judges, including Supreme Court President Aharon Barak, did not explain their decision. The State said during the deliberations that the reason for allowing Hamas' participation was to prevent the Palestinian Authority from cancelling its general elections. The plaintiffs in the case argued that it was Israel's responsibility to prevent a terror group from appearing on a ballot used in Israel. Head of the Jerusalem police department, Major General Elan Franko testified during the proceedings that the police had arrested tens of Hamas members who had put up flyers containing their propaganda in Jerusalem, violating the government's decision.