Heavy traffic expected ahead of tonight's match

Due to the heavy traffic expected near the National Stadium in Ramat Gan ahead of the Israel-England soccer match, the police have asked fans arriving from the north to exit the Ayalon Highway at the Rokah interchange and park at the Ganei Yehoshua exhibition grounds. Fans arriving from the Geha Highway are asked to turn off at Jabotinsky and park in the Bnei Brak industrial area. Parking will not be available at the stadium except by permit. At the end of the game, the following streets will be closed off: Abba Hillel between the Rashi intersection and the stadium; Ben-Gurion from the Jabotinsky intersection to the stadium, and the Herzliya road between the Sheetrit intersection and the stadium. Anyone not attending the match is requested to use alternate travel routes and avoid the area around the stadium.