Hebrew U warns staff to beware of right-wing protests

Letter to senior staff warning of class disruptions outrages right-wing groups.

Administrators at Hebrew University in Jerusalem sent a letter to senior staff warning of possible disruptions from right-wing protests at the beginning of the school year, Israel Radio reported on Tuesday.
The letter was sent following media reports that right-wing activists may try to disrupt classes, which also prompted the university to beef up security for the first two weeks of the semester.
The letter stated that if there are any disruptions to classes, professors should immediately warn security personnel and inform the faculty heads.
The letter prompted outrage from right-wing groups and MK Zevulun Orlev (Habayit Hayehudi), who told Reshet Bet that the letter was unfortunate and a mistake in judgement, and that he would ask Hebrew University officials to apologize to right-wing groups and withdraw the letter.
Any group, regardless of political affiliations, can protest at Hebrew University if they receive prior approval.