Hendel: Evict Arab MKs from Knesset

Says minister Majadle's refusal to sing "Hatikva" is "spitting in our face."

hendel zvi portrait 298 (photo credit: www.knesset.gov.il)
hendel zvi portrait 298
(photo credit: www.knesset.gov.il)
MK Zvi Hendel (NU/NRP) on Sunday called for all Arab MKs to be evicted from the Knesset, following comments over the weekend by soon-to-be science minister Ghaleb Majadle - Israel's first Arab minister - that he would not sing "Hatikva" because it "speaks only to Jews." "How many more times will we take the Arab MKs spitting in our faces and insist on pretending that it's raining?" Hendel demanded. "The Arab MKs, who continue again and again to fearlessly incite against the Jewish people, its symbols and its holy places, and cooperate with the most bitter and hateful enemy must get out of the Knesset." He called on all Zionist Knesset members to unite and ensure that such a move was carried out. In October, Hendel proposed a bill requiring Israelis to sign a declaration of loyalty to the state before being allowed to vote, in an effort to prevent citizens who are "hostile to the State of Israel" from having a say in the government. The bill was overwhelmingly rejected, however, on grounds of racism. Hendel was not the first to propose such a move against Arab MKs. Fellow NU/NRP member Zevulun Orlev proposed a bill last year that would prevent anti-Israel citizens - particularly Arabs - from serving in the Knesset. A similar bill by Israel Beiteinu MK Estherina Tartman was rejected in October. Sheera Claire Frenkel contributed to this report.