High Court orders an end to goose fattening

The High Court of Justice on Wednesday ordered goose farmers to stop goose fattening within two months, since the industry was breaking animal cruelty laws. Goose farmers described the decision as "a death sentence" to their industry, while animal rights group 'Anonymous' praised the decision, saying that the Agriculture Ministry didn't turn a blind eye to those who were cruel to animals. The decision was made after the High Court discovered that, during the fattening process, a tube was inserted into the geese's throats while they were stuffed with food for hours causing their livers to increase nine-fold in size. A spokesman for the 'Tnu Lehayot Lihiot' organization Eti Alterman said that his group faced a difficult task in its pursuit of outlawing such practices. "Today even children know that animals have a right to live," said Alterman.