Hizbullah can hack Israeli computers

Channel 10 reports that wireless networks make IDF computers vulnerable.

computer 88 (photo credit: )
computer 88
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All Israeli computers within 15-20 kilometers of Hizbullah positions along the northern border, including those belonging to IDF bases and officers and containing highly sensitive data, are vulnerable to hacking via wireless networks, Channel 10 reported Tuesday. This development presents a serious security concern not only for civilian companies and organizations, but also for the army, since IDF officers are issued computers that contain classified information on troop positions and movements. "Anyone can get in," an official told Channel 10. All they had to do, he explained, was penetrate a wireless hook-up. Once the system was accessed, Hizbullah could obtain any intelligence it wanted. The Defense Ministry, seeking ways to protect its data, has suggested erecting antennas along the northern border that would block attempts to hack into computer systems using wireless networks.