Hotline to help students suffering discrimination

Toll-free hotline is set to open this week.

Child Abuse (photo credit: JPOST.COM STAFF)
Child Abuse
(photo credit: JPOST.COM STAFF)
On the brink of the first day of school, a hotline is being set up for students suffering from discrimination.
The Hakol Hinuch organization said Wednesday that the hotline was inspired by a number of cases that have taken place in Israel in recent years, including the refusal by private religious schools in Petah Tikva to admit over 100 Ethiopian pupils.
The toll-free hotline is set to open this week and will operate on Sunday through Thursday from 10am to 10pm until September 16th.
The hotline will be run in cooperation with the Rashi Fund as well as a consortium of civil rights organizations.
Legal advisers will man the phones in two shifts, gathering details from callers and passing them on to professionals who deal in such matters if the complaints warrant treatment.
With the announcement of the hotline, Hakol Hanuch began distributing to organizations for parents a booklet entitled “Preventing Discrimination in Education – Equal Rights for All Citizens”, which highlights in Hebrew, Arabic, Amharic and Russian the legal protections against discrimination afforded students in Israel.
Israel Prize laureate and Hakol Hinuch Chairman Dov Lautman is quoted in a press release issued by the organization on Wednesday as saying, “I can’t sit idly by while there are schools that separate blacks and whites. I hope that together we can rid Israeli society of this phenomenon.”
In the same statement, Hakol Hinuch’s General-Secretary Rabbi Shai Peron said “over the past year, discrimination has reared its ugly head in Israel, and we will fight it – through formulating policies of equality and through professional and private assistance for every person who falls victim to it.”
The number for the hotline is: 1-800-071-001.