IAF air strike wounds five Gaza gunmen

Military says one of the men fired the rocket that wounded 10-year-old Osher Twito last month.

IAF strike in Gaza nice  (photo credit: AP [file])
IAF strike in Gaza nice
(photo credit: AP [file])
An IAF aircraft on Tuesday attacked a group of Palestinian gunmen in the northern Gaza Strip, wounding four members of a rocket squad, Israeli and Palestinian officials said. The military said the attack, carried out with the help of information received from the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency), targeted men involved in rocket attacks on southern Israel. It said one of the men personally fired the rocket that severed the leg of 10-year-old Osher Twito in an attack on Sderot last month. It was the first IAF strike in Gaza in three days. On Saturday, the air force killed three Islamic Jihad members whom the IDF said were planning to fire Kassam rockets into Israel. Islamic Jihad spokesman Abu Hamza said the four members of his group were near a mosque when they were hit. A Palestinian hospital official said two of the wounded were in critical condition. Earlier in the day, three rockets were fired into Israel. The rockets fell in open areas in the western Negev and caused no casualties.