IAF officer at aerospace conference

Muslim countries with no official ties with Israel also in attendance.

For the first time, a high-ranking Israeli Air Force commander is participating in a joint aerospace workshop with air force chiefs from Muslim countries that do not have official diplomatic relations with Israel. Head of the IAF Air Division, Brig.-Gen. Yohanon Locker, was in New Delhi on Wednesday for a two-day international seminar on aerospace developments and military advancements. Called "Aerospace Power in Tomorrow's World," the seminar was attended by air force chiefs from 37 countries, including states with whom Israel does not have official ties, such as Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The seminar will focus on various areas of interest, including the emerging geopolitical ramifications on aerospace power; transforming aerial technology into doctrine; and strategy and application, as well as operations that integrate both aerial and ground forces.