IDF attorney: Demote Elhanan Tenenbaum to private

The general attorney of the IDF, Brig. -Gen. Avi Mendelblitt, filed a request in the Army Court on Monday evening to summon a legal committee that would rule on demoting Col. Elhanan Tenenbaum to the rank of private. Mendelblitt wrote in his request that Tenenbaum "commits felonies as a way of life," and requested to demote him. In his request Mendelblitt counted a long list of criminal offenses, for which Tenenbaum already pleaded guilty, the foremost of which is his agreement to be an advisor on a scheme to smuggle drugs into Israel. In this capacity he left the country and was then abducted by Hizbullah. The committee would be comprised of three members: A former judge presiding over two officers, colonels or higher ranking. The Chief of General Staff Lt. -Gen. would review the judge's proposed course of action and reach a decision based on consultign with the President of the Military appeal court.