IDF authorizes settler march to Homesh

Evacuees to head for former settlement on Independence Day next week.

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OC Central Command Maj.-Gen. Ya'ir Naveh and the IDF commander of troops in Judea and Samaria Thursday authorized a settler march to the former settlement of Homesh, planned for Independence Day on Tuesday. Evacuees from the former settlement did not initially coordinate this second march to the site with the IDF, as they did with the first march last month. However, the army said it intended to do its utmost to prevent violence on the national holiday, and officials told Army Radio that if the marchers did request authorization, it would be granted. They also suggested they would provide security for the marchers, even though the area was legally considered a closed military zone. Following the report that the settlers were planning to make their way to Homesh, the Defense Ministry refused to address the issue. "The ministry did not receive any request on the issue, and when one comes, a comprehensive discussion will be held," a Defense Ministry spokesman said. At the end of last month, Homesh settlers headed to the site to reclaim their former home, camping out and setting up makeshift shelters. They were evacuated by police three days later, and no violent clashes occurred during the event. Resistance was minimal, with only two protesters detained for questioning.