IDF data: 25% of youths dodge the draft

Military: Most exemptions given over psychological reasons based on youths faking mental issues.

A quarter of military service candidates end up not enlisting for service, according to data released by the IDF's Human Resources Department Tuesday. Head of the Technological and Research Division in the department, Lt. -Col. Shlomi Avraham, who released the data in a conference at Sapir College, said most of the exemptions on the basis of psychological issues are given to candidates who fake their mental issues. According to the report, the highest percentage of draft dodging occurs in Jerusalem, where 51% avoid the draft. In Tel Aviv 34% avoid enlistment, in the West Bank 25% and in the South 23%. Data published several months ago showed that 11% of potential soldiers did not enlist for religious reasons; a rise of one percent from the previous year. Four percent did not enlist because they had criminal records and a similar percentage of eligible candidates did not enlist since they were not in Israel when they turned 18.