IDF fires at Palestinians, killing one

Men approached fence, troops suspected attack; wanted terror operative arrested.

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IDF troops fired at three Palestinians near the security fence north of Kissufim killing one of them and wounding the other two. The soldiers suspected the men, who were crawling toward the fence, of planning to carry out a terror attack. However, according to Israel Radio, it later appeared that the three were attempting to infiltrate Israel in order to find work. Also overnight, security forces arrested a Palestinian fugitive north of Ramallah during a special operation. According to security sources, the man was a member of the Tanzim and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and had been involved in planning terror attacks and manufacturing explosives. In other operations, IDF troops arrested 40 Palestinian fugitives overnight throughout the West Bank. Near Bethlehem, forces caught 16 Hamas operatives, and nine more were arrested in Ramallah. Also in Ramallah, soldiers arrested an Islamic Jihad operative and seven other fugitives. Three more Palestinian fugitives were arrested near Kalkilya, two more near Tulkarm, one near Jenin and one in Hebron.