IDF helps trap wolf plaguing farmers in the Golan

Farmers cried "wolf" in the Golan Heights, and IDF soldiers mobilized to trap one, according to a military magazine. A wolf pack has been preying on cattle and other livestock in the Israeli-controlled territory, causing considerable losses to farmers, the soldiers' weekly "Bamahane" reported in its current issue. The Nature Reserves Authority asked the army unit to take a break from its combat training and help capture one of the wolves, which would be fitted with a transmitter to allow tracking of the pack. "This will give us a picture of the location of the pack," which numbers 13 wolves, Nature Reserves Authority official Yotam Gendler said, and help in a decision about whether to cull the pack. Soldiers spread the carcasses of cows and other animals around an army firing range to attract the wolves. An officer in the unit assigned a communications specialist to Gendler to coordinate trapping a wolf, anesthetizing it and implanting the transmitter.