IDF investigating Jordanian infiltrator

Police arrest Jordanian who entered Israel with his car and a hunting rifle.

idf arrests pal 88 (photo credit: )
idf arrests pal 88
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The IDF was investigating Saturday how a Jordanian citizen was able to cross the border into Israel Friday with his car and a hunting rifle. Police arrested the man near Kibbutz Grofit, 45 kilometers north of Eilat, after drivers reported seeing a car with Jordanian license plates on the Arava Highway. The Jordanian man said he had crossed the border unknowingly. After spending the night in the custody of the Eilat police, he was to be returned to Jordan on Saturday. The army said it planned to investigate how he was able to drive across the border without being detected by surveillance equipment or IDF patrols. Police found a hunting rifle and ammunition inside the car. The driver told police he lived near the Dead Sea and had entered Israel by mistake. He was transferred to the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) for additional questioning.