IDF kills Jihad fugitive near Jericho

Security forces have 13 specific warnings about imminent terror attacks.

idf soldier 298 88 idf (photo credit: IDF)
idf soldier 298 88 idf
(photo credit: IDF)
An Islamic Jihad operative was shot dead early Wednesday morning by IDF troops operating in the Akhbar Jaba refugee camp near Jericho. During the operation, Nahal Haredi forces surrounded three buildings in the refugee camp, in which, according to intelligence sources, three Islamic Jihad fugitives were hiding. Using loudspeakers the soldiers called on the wanted men to exit the buildings. As a result two fugitives left two of the buildings. After calling upon the third fugitive to leave, a number of locals told the soldiers that the building was empty and that no one was inside. The IDF forces then threw stun grenades into the building and opened fire in an attempt to force the fugitive out. When that measure failed, the forces entered the building, spotted a suspicious figure, and opened fire, killing the fugitive. Elsewhere in the West Bank, 19 Palestinians were arrested overnight. Security forces were preparing to work more intensively to prevent terror attacks in Israel between now and the March 28 elections. Thirteen specific alerts have been recorded, most of which planned by the Islamic Jihad. Cmdr. Ilan Franko, head of the Jerusalem District of the police told Army Radio that terrorist organizations were planning strategic attacks, in an attempt to interfere with the elections, and possibly alter its results. Moreover, police investigators intended to continue the questioning of the detainees captured on Tuesday along the Tel-Aviv-Jerusalem highway with a bomb, on their way to implement a terror attack.