IDF paratrooper suspected of helping in mob hit attempt

Tel Aviv police arrest soldier for conspiring with son of mob boss to kill underworld figure Rafi Ohana.

yaakov alperon 298.88 (photo credit: Channel 2)
yaakov alperon 298.88
(photo credit: Channel 2)
Police have arrested an IDF soldier who serves in the Paratroopers Brigade alongside the son of mob boss Ya'acov Alperon, on suspicion that he helped his comrade's father in the attempted murder of underworld figure Rafi Ohana. Amir Nigarker, 20, of Ashdod was arrested by Tel Aviv District Police for allegedly conspiring with Alperon to murder Ohana. Alperon's son Dror is currently at large and is wanted by the police for questioning. Nigarker was arrested Tuesday, a day after the attempt on the life of Ohana, whom the Alperons allegedly planned to murder at his Moshav Gan Hayim residence. Ohana - himself under house arrest at the community near Kfar Saba - survived the hit attempt on Monday. The courts have placed a gag order against publishing any details about the incident or any details from the court protocols about the case. The Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court extended Alperon's remand by three days and Nigarker's by six days. Alperon is currently hospitalized under police custody, after complaining he felt unwell. His brother, Nissim, was also arrested, but was released to house arrest. The Alperon family has denied any involvement in the alleged hit attempt on Ohana, whose family has a long-standing blood feud with the Alperons that dates back to a 2002 hit. Ohana's brother, Hananya, was murdered just outside of his Ganei Tikva home in March 2003, and Ohana himself was suspected of trying to take out a contract on the Alperon brothers a year later.