IDF to begin clearing abandoned bases

Dozens of abandoned bases countrywide endanger public health, environment.

base 88 (photo credit: )
base 88
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With dozens of abandoned military bases scattered across the country posing dangers to the public's health and the environment, the army is finally getting its act together and plans to begin the evacuation of 21 bases in the coming months, officers said Friday. A gradual reduction in the military budget over the past few years had caused the IDF to shut down bases and outposts across the country to save money and to create a tighter financial ship. But while the shut-down bases became empty of soldiers, the asbestos buildings, fuel tankers and other hazards were left behind to rot. The bases sometimes even turned into shelters for drug addicts and prostitutes. But following extensive negotiations with the Treasury the army recently received a government loan - enough money, officers said to evacuate at least 21 bases. Now with its pockets full, the army said it has mapped out all of the empty bases across the country and rated them according to which posed a bigger environmental threat and warranted immediate evacuation. "Over the years the army has worked to evacuate bases that are no longer in use but couldn't evacuate them without money," officers said. "Now with the loan we have the ability to evacuate 21 bases and return the land to the Israel Lands Administration."