Im Tirzu threatens BGU donations

Zionist organization demands university change "left-wing" faculty.

ben gurion university building 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
ben gurion university building 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
In a letter written to Ben-Gurion University head Prof. Rivka Carmi last month, Zionist student organization Im Tirzu threatened to take action to stop contributions to the school if Carmi didn't work to end the "anti-Zionist tendencies" in the university's Politics and Government Department.
The letter gave Carmi a thirty day ultimatum, which ended on Tuesday, to make changes to the faculty before Im Tirzu would begin persuading donors to cease contributing financially to the university.
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Im Tirzu requested in the letter that the faculty add more right-wing professors to its staff and change the contents of its syllabi accordingly. The organization also said it would "advise political science students to stay away from the university."
The letter claimed that nine of the department's eleven permanent members were involved in "radical left-wing" political activity. Carmi was accused of "apathy that has enabled an academic dictatorship to overpower academic freedom."
Carmi denied that Ben-Gurion University had any political agenda and said that Im Tirzu's threats were reminiscent of "McCarthyist persecution," in a Tuesday interview with Army Radio.