Imprisoned mobster indicted for threatening jailers

‘Good guys on the outside won’t take that lying down...I promise you,’ Asi Abutbul allegedly tells IPS officer.

Breaking news (photo credit: JPOST STAFF)
Breaking news
(photo credit: JPOST STAFF)
Underworld kingpin Asi Abutbul, serving a 13-year jail sentence after becoming the second person in Israeli legal history to be convicted of running an organized crime syndicate, was indicted on Tuesday for allegedly threatening prison staff.
Three Israel Prison Service officers complained of threats in the indictment, filed against Abutbul at the Rishon Lezion Magistrate’s Court. The incidents took place at the Rimonim prison facility in the Sharon district over the past several months, the indictment said.
The most recent took place on November 2, when Na’ava Gil, who serves as a prison appeals committee officer, was accompanying Abutbul out of the hall in which the committee had convened.
“The accused turned around, looked at Gil’s name tag, and threatened her, saying, ‘Because of you I know I won’t get an addition to my kiosk [food portion], and your name is Na’ava. I’ll remember that name and chase you for my whole life,’” the indictment sheet read.
On January 28, officer Assaf Ma’atuk notified Abutbul that he had 15 minutes left to speak on the phone, in accordance with prison regulations.
“Good guys on the outside won’t take that lying down....
I promise you...and I’m a son of a bitch if I’m wrong,” Abutbul told him, according to the indictment.
Later, Abutbul allegedly attempted to obtain the name of Ma’atuk's mother from another jailer, Eliav Tzipora.
“If you’re be a bastard to me, I’ll ensure I’m a bastard to you and tell stories,” he allegedly told Tzipora the same day.