Independence Day marked at Homesh

IDF rescinds authorization for march to former settlement and closes roads.

homesh evac roof 298 (photo credit: Channel 10)
homesh evac roof 298
(photo credit: Channel 10)
The first group of activists arrived at the ruins of the former settlement of Homesh early Tuesday morning, despite IDF roadblocks aimed at preventing them from making the pilgrimage. The army said the soldiers would not engage in confrontations with the marchers, who decided last week to mark Independence Day by marching to the former settlement. However, the army said, all roads leading to the site would be closed off. The IDF originally approved the march last week, but then rescinded the authorization, saying that "anyone attempting to enter or inhabit the area will be breaking the law." It added that police would take legal action against such citizens who were there without proper authorization.
  • Settlers vow to ignore IDF ban on march to Homesh However, the organizers of the event declared on Sunday that the march would go ahead as planned. On Monday night, IDF troops set up check points on the way to Shavei Shomron, another nearby settlement, from which the activists were expected to start the march. Right wing organizations called on people on Monday to participate in the event, and said that Nobel Prize laureate Prof. Israel Aumann would lead the protesters. Most of the activists are expected to arrive at midday, and picnics, barbecues and other events will continue until evening, when the group plans to leave the site.