Inheritance laws undergo revolution

Homosexuals and lesbians will now be entitled to inherit from their partners.

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gay marriage 88
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The Justice Ministry on Sunday circulated a new law memorandum, which set in motion a reform of the nation's inheritance laws. The memorandum was the result of seven years' work by a committee spearheaded by retired Supreme Court Justice Yaacov Terkel. Pending final approval by the Knesset, the reform, which eradicates the existing "male-female" stipulation, will enable homosexuals to inherit their partners' property. The new law, if passed, will enact the following reforms:
  • If a couple is separated for more than three years, but are still registered as married, the widow or widower has no inheritance rights.
  • Israel will become the first country in the world to accept as valid videotaped wills, provided that the person faces the camera from the beginning to the end of the taping.
  • Minors over the age of 15 will also be entitled to leave a will.
  • Biological and adopted children will receive equal inheritance status.