Iran increases efforts to infiltrate Israel

The year 2005 saw a significant increase in attempts by Iran to infiltrate Israel and link up with Palestinian terror groups, however it is the first time they have tried to infiltrate Israel's government and political system, sources in the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) said Saturday. The sources were referring to the release of details concerning the recent arrest of Jaris Jaris, an Israeli Arab and former head of the Fasuta Local Council in the Upper Gailee suspected of spying on Israel for Iranian intelligence. Up until now, the Iranians have focused on supplying Hizbullah and Palestinian terror groups such as the Fatah Al Aksa Brigades with funds to purchase weapons and support their terror operations against Israel and have also attempted to recruit operatives to link up with them, the sources said. The Iranians view any opportunity for Israel and the Palestinians to reach an agreement as a threat, and will do anything to torpedo it, security official said. Click here to read more.