Islamic Jihad leaders could be targeted

Israel also considering cutting off electricity and water to Gaza; five Kassams land in w. Negev.

Islamic Jihad gunmen 298 (photo credit: )
Islamic Jihad gunmen 298
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The security cabinet is expected to instruct the IDF to resume targeted killings against Islamic Jihad leaders in order to combat the persistent Kassam rocket attacks on the western Negev, Army Radio reported on Tuesday morning. On Wednesday, a decision is due to be finalized on the response to a volley of rockets that landed in and around Sderot on Monday morning, including one rocket that slammed into a day care center's courtyard. Government officials in Jerusalem called the organization a terror group and said they would not only target those who launched the rockets, calling on those giving the orders to also "beware". Nevertheless, the threats did not seem to deter the terrorists, who continued their rocket attacks Tuesday morning, firing five Kassams toward the western Negev. An additional Kassam landed Tuesday afternoon. Four of the rockets landed in open areas and two landed in central Sderot. No one was wounded in the attacks. Moreover, Israel is considering applying pressure on the Palestinians in non-military ways, such as cutting off electricity and water to the Gaza Strip. Vice Premier Haim Ramon told Army Radio that he supported such a move. "On principle, we need to fix a price for every attack from Gaza against Gaza Belt communities," Ramon told Army Radio. "We cannot continue to supply water, fuel and electricity when they are trying to kill our children." Islamic Jihad was responsible for all nine of the Kassam attacks which landed on Monday, officials said. The rockets were timed to hit when parents were taking their children to school, defense officials said. Meanwhile, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas condemned the recent wave of Palestinian rocket attacks, saying the barrages were threatening the peace process. "We condemn the launching of rockets from Gaza because these actions harm peace and the peace process," Abbas said at a news conference in Ramallah.