Israel protests Russian missile sales to Iran

A senior Israeli delegation headed to Moscow earlier this week to complain that Russian-made anti-tank missiles had reached Hizbullah guerrillas in Lebanon and were used in the 34-day conflict, government officials said Friday. Asaf Shariv, a senior adviser to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, confirmed the delegation had headed to Russia earlier this week, but refused to elaborate. The anti-tank missiles proved to be one of Hizbullah's most effective weapons in face-to-face combat with the IDF, killing many of the 118 soldiers that died in the fighting. Another government official said the delegation was "senior," but refused to say who they would be meeting with in Russia. Israel does not accuse Russia of directly arming Hizbullah, but rather that Russia sold the weapons to Iran and Syria, known supporters of Hizbullah, who passed them on to the guerrilla group.