Israel, Romania discuss sale of dozens of F-16s

Israel is negotiating with Romania to sell dozens of its US-made F-16 fighter planes, but will first seek US approval for the deal, defense officials said Sunday. According to initial discussions, Israel would sell F-16A and F-16B aircraft used by its air force, and the Israeli company Elbit Systems would upgrade the planes, the defense officials said. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the deal with the media. Israel agreed earlier this year to consult with the US government before selling weapons technology to other nations. The agreement came in the wake of an Israeli attempt to sell technology for unmanned drone aircraft to China. Israel has since called off the China deal, and earlier this month canceled a deal to upgrade Venezuelan fighter jets under US pressure. Defense officials said the US has not yet consented. The Defense Ministry confirmed it is planning to sell old fighter planes but declined to comment on the negotiations. Elbit Systems representatives declined comment.