Israeli film to be featured in Iranian festival

An Israeli documentary film will be featured at the Teheran Film Festival, Army Radio reported on Sunday. The documentary Yoter Me'elef Milim (More Than a Thousand Words) directed by award-winning filmmaker Solo Avital, follows the work of news photographer Ziv Koren in Israeli-Palestinian conflict zones and his struggle to find a balance between his work and his personal life. In an interview with Army Radio, Koren said that the curator of the Teheran Film Festival requested permission to show the film from the German distribution company which held the rights to the film. Koren said he was not sure whether the curator knew he was requesting to show an Israeli-made film, but added that there was no doubt the curator knew that the subject of the film was an Israeli photographer. Koren emphasized that the film was not a co-production between Israel and another country but a completely Israeli creation.