Israeli lightly hurt in shooting attack

Shots fired at car on Dimona-Arad road; police believe it was a terror attack.

ambulance 88 (photo credit: )
ambulance 88
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One man was lightly wounded shortly after midnight Wednesday in what police say was a terror attack on the Arad-Eilat Road. Police said Wednesday the man, a resident of the north, was traveling towards Eilat with another four family members when he found the road was blocked by rocks. When he stopped to investigated, he was shot in the ear. Large forces of police streamed to the scene of the incident, and in the late morning, Negev Subdistrict polce announced that they believed that terror was the motive behind the attack, which they said was the first of its kind in the area. Police and security forces combed the desert reaches of Israel's largest police district while CSI investigators worked throughout the day on the vehicle that was hit by gunfire. After hours of investigation police and security officials arrested three people suspected of involvement. Two of the suspects, both in their twenties, are Negev residents, and the third is a 45-year-old Palestinian working illegally in Israel. One of the Negev residents and the illegal worker were both taken to the Beersheba Magistrate's Court for a remand extension Wednesday evening. Justice Idan Rosen extended their remands for one day, after which a further hearing will be held on the incident. The third suspect will appear before the court on Thursday morning for his remand extension.