Israelis who drove bomber found guilty

Court convicts 3 men of manslaughter for transporting Netanya mall attacker.

netanya bombing 298 ap (photo credit: AP)
netanya bombing 298 ap
(photo credit: AP)
In a landmark ruling on Thursday, the Tel Aviv District Court convicted three Israelis of manslaughter for giving a ride to a suicide bomber on his way to carry out a terror attack in Netanya on July 12, 2005. The attack at the Sharon mall left five people dead and 30 wounded. Kfir Levi, 26, from Ramat Gan, Sif Azam, 35, from Taibeh and Abed Abu-Mouch, 26, from Baka al-Gharbiya were each paid NIS 1,000 for driving the terrorist to his destination. The judges said in their ruling that the defendants had "shut their eyes" to things that should have aroused their suspicion, such as the large bag the terrorist was carrying, and the fact that he did not speak for the length of the journey. When the authorities decided to extend the suspects' remands until the end of the legal proceedings, a judge from the Tel Aviv District Court said that they had intentionally circumvented security forces for money.