Israel's cancer survival rate among world's highest

Israel leads in cancer s

The Israel Cancer Association said Tuesday that the survival rate of cancer patients in Israel is among the highest in the world. During a press conference ahead of a nationwide donation campaign to be held on October 19, the association revealed data of its activities in conjunction with the Health Ministry and national health services. According to the data, 61.4 percent of Jewish men and 67.3% of Jewish women survive at least five years from the moment they are diagnosed as being sick with cancer. In the Arab sector, only 50.7% of men and 64.9% of women survive after at least five years. Dr. Micha Barhana, who maintains records of cancer patients in Israel in the Health Ministry, said Israel is positioned higher than the United States, Finland, Italy, Norway and other countries. Israel also leads all European countries in the percentage of women regularly undergoing mammography. Barhana said "one of the most influential factors regarding the chances of survival is the stage in which the disease is discovered. Public awareness, early diagnosis and new technologies" all affect the diagnosis of cancer.