Israel's indomitable warrior loses his final battle

Following severe stroke, multiple surgeries, Ariel Sharon succumbs to his own health at XXX, Israel time.

Hadassah-University Hospital Director-General Prof. Shlomo Mor-Yosef declared that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon did not survive brain surgery the performed on Friday afternoon. The prime minister was pronounced dead at XXX. Sharon was rushed to surgery at the hospital following a CAT scan conducted on Friday morning, which revealed sources of bleeding in the brain and an expansion of the cerebral ventricles. The operation lasted two hours, but ultimately failed. To send your condolences to the passing of Ariel Sharon click here. Although the time and location of Sharon's funeral was not yet announced, many world leaders were expected to attend. The late prime minister was admitted to Hadassah, Ein Kerem on Wednesday evening. While he was conscious upon arrival, his condition quickly deteriorated. CAT scans that were conducted revealed extensive cerebral hemorrhaging. Sharon was rushed into surgery to try to control the bleeding; the operation lasted all of Thursday morning. Sharon was artificially respirated and kept in an induced coma following his surgery. During that time it was revealed that his pupils responded normally, but no other physical or cognitive tests could be conducted while the prime minister remained unconscious. Originally doctors planned to awaken Sharon from his coma on Sunday to assess the extent of his recovery, however, after another CAT scan on Friday indicated additional bleeding, he was returned to the operating room.