<i>Yediot</i>'s Hofstein wins journalism award

The B'nai B'rith World Center-Jerusalem, announced Monday that Avner Hofstein, West Coast Correspondent for Yediot Ahronoth, Israel's largest Hebrew daily, has been named winner of its annual Award for Journalism in memory of Wolf and Hilda Matsdorf for 2007. Hofstein won the prestigious award in recognition of a two-part series published in the paper's weekend feature magazine "Seven Days" (Sheva Yamim) on two obscure Jewish communities in Brazil: a handful of Jews of Moroccan descent who cling to their religion in the far reaches of the Amazons (published July 14, 2006) and descendants of the Marranos - Jews who fled to the remote northeast province of Brazil 500 years ago - some of whom are now seeking a way back to mainstream Judaism (published October 13, 2006).