Jackie Sabag wins Nahariya mayoral race

Long-time Nahariya mayor Jackie Sabag triumphed in the city's mayoral race, results showed on Wednesday. The municipal election was a re-vote ordered by the Haifa District Court after the court overturned the results of last year's elections and ordered a fresh election. Sabag, who served as mayor of Nahariya for 15 years, had petitioned against the result of the last elections after he lost to Ron Frumer, and the court ruled in his favor. In Tuesday's ballots, Sabag defeated Frumer by a mere 117 votes. "I believed that I would win," Sabag was quoted by Army Radio. "I said that two votes were enough for me to head this city again and save us from what happened over these past two years." He also noted that despite that stormy election process, he wouldn't rule out forming a coalition with Frumer.
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