Jailed tour guide returns to Israel

Gil Haskin released from Indian prison after bullet was found in his possession.

haskin 298.88 (photo credit: Channel 2)
haskin 298.88
(photo credit: Channel 2)
Gil Haskin, the Israeli tour guide who was arrested in India over three months ago and incarcerated for 20 days in an Indian prison, returned to Israel on Thursday. He was first after a bullet was found among his possessions. The arrest was carried out while he was leading a group of tourists, including his own parents. On Wednesday, he was permitted to return to Israel, but was obligated to return to India if and when his trial for arms trade would resume, Army Radio reported. Haskin expressed great joy upon returning to Israel, saying that, while he was in prison, he could only dream of what his homecoming would be like. He related that [in dealing with the Indian officials] he encountered cruelty, heartlessness, stupidity, but also compassion and a desire to help. In response to Channel 2 reporters' questions, Haskin said it was still too early for him to decide on whether he would return to the sub-continent. Haskin related that rumors were spread throughout the prison regarding his identity. He told Army Radio that one of the prison guards told the cell leader that Haskin was a member of the Mossad. After the other prisoners saw that Haskin spent much of his times writing, he said they concluded he was a writer, and called him "professor."