Japanese experience

Take a shortcut to a sense of Zen in your bathroom, via the Tel Aviv port.

bathroom bowls 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
bathroom bowls 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Yael Spada had enough of looking at more of the same. As owner of the Spada design house that caters to very discerning clientele, she believed no one could surprise her anymore. And then she decided to go to Japan. She wasn’t satisfied with going to Tokyo and Osaka. Spada went to villages and small towns, and looked for where tradition was kept alive. She found treasures. “I was told I needed to learn their way of doing business first,” she recalls, “but I decided to be myself and trust my instincts.” And she succeeded. The results are shown in the Spada showroom.
The devil is in the details is an old German proverb. The Japanese think that it’s the details that matter most.
Spada brought back with her some beautiful handmade wooden wall coverings and bathroom floors, but it’s the small accessories that can give you the Japanese serene “apa” feeling even without the need to completely redo your home. “Most Japanese will carry a hand towel in their bag,” she says, “and you must wash before dinner. But my favorite things are the scrubbing gloves, the amazing coal-fiber towels that absorb smells and are so soft that if you try them once you’ll never want to go back to regular towels, and their beautiful cast-iron dishes and handmade glassware.”
Looking around the showroom I found my favorite – exquisite textiles, some made of paper and others of silk and bamboo, banana fibers and other natural fibers that were treated to make them look different, all sheer or semi-sheer, and all meant to be used as home textiles but could very easily become your very best-looking scarf. Yael actually turned some textiles into scarves – and her favorite (and mine too) are the ones made from sheer pineapple fibers and hand painted in natural ink.
Spada Design, Tel Aviv Port, Hangar 1.

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