'Jerusalem Post' launches Jewish events network

Jhappening.com invites readers to post details of upcoming events and join a fast growing international network.

jhappening 224 (photo credit: Jpost.com)
jhappening 224
(photo credit: Jpost.com)
The Jerusalem Post has launched a new social networking Web site, Jhappening.com, which provides information on Jewish-related events around the world. Its developers said Jhappening is a one-stop platform showcasing every kind of Jewish event - from parties to cultural or communal events to university lectures. Information on the events is posted by private individual users and organizations. Unlike other on-line events calendars, the developers add, it packs the whole Jewish world's social calendar under one roof. According to Jhappening editor Shani Rosenfelder, "The idea is not only to connect people in the virtual world but also in the real world, enabling users to interact at events and activities with those who share common interests." The site also allows users to see who is planning to attend each event beforehand, and to watch or post videos and photos afterward. Each event has a forum for discussions throughout. "The events and the interactive features surrounding them can enhance the bond Jews around the world have with Israel and their local Jewish community," Rosenfelder said. Jhappening.com (www.Jhappening.com) is now up and running, and invites readers to post details of their upcoming events and join the newest major international Jewish social network.