Jerusalem youth arrested for father's murder

Police: J'lem resident planned murder meticulously; suspect feigned grief until confessing to police.

crime scene 248 88 generic (photo credit: Courtesy)
crime scene 248 88 generic
(photo credit: Courtesy)
A 21-year-old man has confessed to murdering his 47-year-old father in his Jerusalem apartment and has reenacted the crime, police said Monday. The son, who allegedly planned the murder in advance, told police investigators that he decided to kill his father several days ago after he commented on his lifestyle, the police said. According to a report on Israel Radio, he took the drug hagigat before committing the murder. He claimed that he had been abused by his father, but police rejected the notion as baseless. According to the investigation, the man waited until his father left their home in the southern Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo on Sunday and then began preparing the scene in an effort to make the murder look like a break-in. After unlocking the safe which held his father's pistol, he then sent his father a text message by phone, asking him to hurry back to the apartment as quickly as possible, police said. The moment the father walked into the house, the son shot him, police said. According to police, after the attack, he put the gun back in the safe, wiped down the area as best he could in an attempt to erase evidence, and then left for work. The victim's body was discovered by his eight-year-old son later in the day. The suspect was remanded in custody by a Jerusalem court for 11 days on Monday. At the request of the defense, the court barred publication of the names of both the suspect and the victim. The suspect was ordered to be sent for a psychiatric evaluation.