Jerusalem's lion to outroar Peugeot's [p.8]

The storied symbol of Jerusalem is undergoing renovations because of a French car maker. The Jerusalem Municipality has decided to upgrade the Lion of Jerusalem due to its similarity to the symbol of Peugeot. The lion was chosen as the capital's symbol back in 1950 to mark the connection of the city with the land given to the Biblical tribe of Judah, whose symbol was the Lion of Judah. The symbol, which appears throughout the city and has been on all city stationery for the last half century, is now about to be altered because of its similarity with the symbol of the Peugeot automaker, a city spokeswoman said Thursday. The new Jerusalem lion will be taller, and a bit thinner, while the word Jerusalem will be inscribed under it to avoid any confusion. The similarity between them was brought to the municipality's attention by recipients of an august city prize who complained that they received thank you notes for the award with the symbol of the French car maker. A spokesman for the Parisbased Peugeot in Israel declined comment Thursday on the symbols' similarities.