Jihad circulates conflicting reports

Group offers week-long ceasefire, then vows to step up attacks on Israel.

islamic jihad 248 88 ap (photo credit: )
islamic jihad 248 88 ap
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Conflicting reports circulated on Sunday regarding the plans of the terror organization Islamic Jihad. In the afternoon, "senior Islamic Jihad sources" said that the group would stop firing Kassam rockets at Israel on condition that Israel cease its attacks on launch sites in Gaza. Shortly afterwards, senior Jihad operative Nafez Azzam said that the Islamic Jihad's military wing had decided on the step without coordinating with the organization's political wing, creating confusion and causing the report of the proposed ceasefire to be denied less than an hour after it was published. In a direct contradiction of the proposed ceasefire, another Islamic Jihad leader, Khader Habib, vowed Sunday that the "Islamic Jihad is going to escalate its attacks on the Zionist entity by all possible means." "We are going to teach the government of Tel Aviv a lesson they are not going to forget," Habib declared. The Islamic Jihad claimed to have fired two rockets at Ashkelon shortly before Habib spoke. The IDF said that no rockets were known to have landed in Israel on Sunday. Abu Abdullah, an Islamic Jihad spokesman in Gaza, said the group would fire homemade Kassam rockets and longer-range Katyushas. In late March, the Islamic Jihad became the first group to fire a Katyusha rocket at southern Israel from the Gaza Strip. There will be "no truce with the occupation while there is an open war," Abu Abdullah said. "We reaffirm that there will be an immediate response."