J'lem police arrest senior Hamas MP Abu Tir

Jerusalem police once again questioned newly elected Hamas MP Muhammad Abu Tir for carrying out illegal political activities on Wednesday. Police spokesman Shmuel Ben-Ruby said Abu Tir and two others turned up at Augusta Victoria Hospital on the Mount of Olives on Wednesday to try and recruit the management and workers into Hamas. Last week, he went to Israel Electric Company to try and persuade staff there to join the organization. Abu Tir, who has an Israeli identification card, was number two on Hamas's list in the recent elections for the Palestinian Legislative Council. This isn't the first time the police have questioned him for carrying out political activity. At the end of January, police cautioned him not to engage in such actions and he agreed to abide by the demand. Two weeks earlier police had detained him for campaigning in Jerusalem. Despite the previous warning, police freed Abu Tir on Wednesday afternoon and were continuing their investigation, Ben-Ruby said.