Judges receive faxed death threat

Unsigned letter "promises" to kill judge using "a missile or a Kalashnikov."

Heads turned at the Courts Administration offices on Tuesday, whena general death threat was received by fax, Army Radio reported. "Verysoon, we will manage to kill a judge, using a missile or a Kalashnikov," readthe letter, which was passed onto Moshe Gal, who chairs the CourtsAdministration.
Lately, many similar letters have been received. Tuesday's letter was generallyaddressed to "the team."
Viciously, the unsigned letter pledged a "personal promise" to fulfillits threat. "We have quite a few different means. The judges here aresuch wretched people, trash," the anonymous writer continued.The letter was passed on to the internal security department at the Courts Administration, who were set to launch a full probe into the incident.
By way of response, Tel Aviv District Court judge Shelly Timmen, told Army Radio that having received such letters in the past himself, it was "a blow the basis of our democracy." He went on to surmise that the threat wasyet another "result of incitement."
In related news, a 50-year-old man from Jerusalem was arrested onMonday morning on suspicion of having slashed the tires on Judge AnnaSchneider’s car the previous day.
Police said evidence that tiedthe suspect to the incident was found when his car was searched. Aninvestigation showed the man had a long-standing feud with a companycurrently overseeing the construction of a hotel in the capital.
Last month, the car of Haifa District Court Judge Moshe Gilad was torched by unknown arsonists near his Acre residence. Nobody was hurt in the incident.
Policebelieve the arson is related to Gilad’s work in court, but note thatGilad, as a lawyer, had represented high-profile criminals, includingmembers of the Mor family. Gilad had not received any threats recently.