Karp murder trial suspended till June

Police slammed for failing to relay video footage showing victim fleeing attackers to defense team.

suspect 248 (photo credit: Channel 10)
suspect 248
(photo credit: Channel 10)

The Tel Aviv District Court on Sunday decided tosuspend all court hearings in the murder trial of Leonard (Arik) Karpuntil June.

Karpwas targeted by intoxicated youths in Tel Aviv in August, who allegedlyattacked Leonard and his family on Tel Aviv's Tel Baruch beach in anunprovoked attack. Two men from the Arab village of Jaljulya, JamidAdas, 25, and Abd Al-Rahman Adas, 21, have been charged with murder.

On Sunday, defense attorneys asked the court to allow them tostudy video footage, in which Karp is seen 20 minutes after he wasattacked, fleeing from three people who are not the defendants.

In the court hearing, it transpired that the police failed torelay the footage from the Sde Dov surveillance camera to the defenseteam. The prosecution claimed the incident was a mistake, but thejudges criticized police conduct.

Sarah Karp, the murder victim's widow, criticized the conduct of the defendants and the defense team in the trial.

In an interview with Army Radio over the weekend, Karp said that"the murderers' attorneys are putting on a show at the court and theyare not ashamed to laugh during the trial. It is shocking to be there,not easy. The attorneys and the defendants feel free to smile, but wewill never again see Arik's smile, which we all remember."

Yaakov Lappin contributed to this report