Katsav lauds Weizmann at anniversary of his death

Ezer Weizman was the "ultimate sabra" President Moshe Katsav said on Monday in Or Akiva at the graveside of his immediate predecessor on the first anniversary of Weizman's death. His own initial memory of Weizman, he said, was of his charismatic personality. Others might remember him as a pilot and one of the founders of the Israel Air Force, Katsav continued. And there were others, he said, who would remember Weizman as one of the architects of Israel's outstanding victory in the Six Days War; or his contribution in 1977 to the political turnaround which brought in a new administration. Still others, said Katsav, would remember him as a statesman, a man of vision who was one of the leaders on the road to peace with Egypt, and one of the key contributors to the change in the way the Arab world perceived Israel.