Katsav maintains he was victim of incitement

Former President Moshe Katsav insisted on Tuesday that he was the victim of a "campaign of incitement" and "false allegations," in his first public comments since signing a plea bargain that spared him a rape trial and possible prison sentence. In a preview from an interview with Channel 2 TV to be aired later in the day, Katsav said he and his family have been devastated by a scandal that has wronged them. Katsav showed no signs of remorse in the excerpt. Although he agreed to the plea deal on Thursday, an outraged public is not letting him off so easily: Israel's Supreme Court has put the agreement on hold, ordering the state to explain why it backed off from planned rape charges. "Ninety percent of the allegations were thrown in the trash and that doesn't interest anybody," Katsav said. "This alone indicates the magnitude of the campaign of incitement and unconscionable ease with which libel and false allegations can be uttered, causing a man and his family to crash. It is very troublesome."