Katsav threatens to sue police for leaks

Says they tried to influence public; Dichter: Probe conducted with great care.

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President Moshe Katsav threatened on Thursday morning to sue police investigators, claiming they leaked details of the sexual harassment investigation against him to the press, Army Radio reported. In a letter sent to Israel Police Insp.-Gen. Moshe Karadi, Katsav's lawyer Zion Amir wrote that as long as the "false leaks" continue, the defense will consider taking the "police officials who are in possession of the investigation materials" to court. According to Amir, "the wave of leaks was meant to influence public opinion and to try and influence, through illegal means, the attorney-general, as the hearing for Katsav approaches." The Israel Police have refused thus far to respond to Katsav's announcement. In an interview with Army Radio, Katsav's crisis management advisor, Ronen Tzur, said that the president had been left with no choice but to act against the police, who were leaking false information and working to turn public opinion against him. "Every morning, he wakes up and sees giant headlines with stories that never happened and that are unsubstantiated with any kind of document or real evidence…. The public's hair will stand on end when they see the difference between the charge sheet and the stories published in the media," he said. Internal Security Minister Avi Dichter said in an interview that Katsav's claims don't hold water. "The investigation against the president was conducted by the Israel Police with great respect. It goes without saying that those involved in the case trod carefully during the investigation against him, out of esteem for the institution of the presidency and for the president himself." Kinneret Barashi, the attorney of Katsav's primary accuser, Aleph, said Thursday morning in response that before the president blames the police, he needs to take a good look at himself, since the leaks have mainly come from "his own workshop."