Kiryat Arba: Alleged arms dealer caught

Police believe suspect sold weapons to Palestinians; 15 guns found in home.

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A Kiryat Arba man was arrested earlier this month for allegedly selling weapons to Palestinians, the Jerusalem Magistrates' Court released for publication on Thursday night. The man, who was caught with some 15 Uzi rifles in his possession, was accused of buying defunct guns and making them usable, then selling them to whoever wanted to buy them. The suspect claimed that he was selling them to collectors; however, his interrogation indicated that his customers may have been local Palestinians. During questioning, it was revealed that the man had bought the weapons from a resident of central Israel, who allegedly acquired the guns at a cost of NIS 142,000 from a northern resident who was licensed to sell arms. Those involved in the affair will be charged on Monday with arms dealing and conspiring to commit a crime.